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Breakthrough Generation

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again. A situation, similar to the present, hath not happened since the days of Noah until now. The birth-day of a new world is at hand.”

–Thomas Pain, Common Sense

In late 2007, the Breakthrough Institute will launch an initiative to engage leaders of the next generation. This project aspires to capture the present moment of opportunity for young adults to change our country’s direction by offering a fresh, positive, inspirational approach to our challenges. Young people are better positioned today to advance an inspiring new vision for America than they have been for decades. We believe that by engaging the next generation with a new politics – one that leaves behind the narrow, complaint-based focus of the past and embraces an expansive, aspirational politics of possibility – we can build a vision to overcome our challenges and create a new American century.

Our generation is better prepared than any before us to overcome the complex challenges of our time. We have come to age at a time of rapid change, and we manage unprecedented complexity in our lives. We have access to profound depths of information and are interconnected in unimaginable ways. We are a creative, inventive, prosperous generation, and we have remarkable freedom to actualize ourselves and pursue each of our unique interests. Most of all, we understand our strengths and are eager to rise to the challenges ahead.



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